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Dynamic Auto Painter BETA

The DAP BETA is a full UNICODE build of Dynamic Auto Painter PRO with current code base and Microsoft tool set. This version is based on 6.12 code UNICODE version allows for natural use of UNICODE characters in naming such as Russian, Japanese etc… while it has no immediate benefit in DAP since we work with images, rewriting the code is important step for future compatibility and support. This process require a lot of changes in the code including all the libraries such as Reactor (thousands of lines have to be changed). It is usually straightforward and many changes are being done automatically by the tools we build to help us with the process, but with such as extensive code, there may be areas of the code with potential issue that we didn’t catch. Therefore we released the latest version as BETA until we are sure everything is translated from full release correctly. If you can, try to use the beta version and let us know if there are any issues, so we can go forward with this version. Drop In Copy:

Latest Version: 6.2U BETA

Instead of having another 100MB installation, the BETA is distributed as a ZIP file with only the additional files. Nothing will be replaced in your current installation, only files will be added with the Unicode version exe Please unzip the files and copy them to the C:\Program Files\DAPPRO6
This will add the 3 DLL files and DAPainterBETAU.exe You can then add shortcut to the desktop (Hold ALT and drag the DAPainterBETAU.exe to the Desktop from the Program Files\DAPPRO6 folder which will create shortcut on the desktop) Now you can Run the Original or the Unicode Note: you can’t run both on the same time. You have to close one first then run the other.
Content of the ZIP file Original UNICODE BETA
You can recognize the BETA by having red bar on the right side above the Welcome Otherwise it should look and feel just like the 6.12 version
Remember, this need to be extracted into existing DAP 6 installation!
So what can you expect: The goal of the BETA is to run as good as the original non UNICODE version so we can move forward. We had to change a lot, from REACTOR libraries to the newest GUI libraries. The goal is not to introduce any new changes at this moment but make sure the code translation worked smoothly. There could be some small issues, if so please let us know so we can fix them. A non UNICODE application had been phased out some time ago by Microsoft (although they still work in windows 10) so we use this time of “stay at home” to refresh all the older code to the newest toolset and libraries.
4 files need to be copied >>>
Now you can run either of the version (but don’t try to run them on the same time)