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Photoshop 32/64bit Plug-in for Windows
Create your own effects and run them in Adobe Photoshop with thos bundle
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Art Filters
Photo Filters

TIP: The overall effect of most art filters will largely depend on the input image size. If you use very large megapixel images, the result will have many small details (thus lessening the artistic feel when you resize the result down later for presenting on web).

When using the Art effects for web, it is advisable to first resize the image to the intended presentation size (for example 1500 pixels wide), then apply the filter. Your result will be much more art-like.

The effects listed above are all supplied with the Reactor Player and they each have their own set of parameters to adjust. You don’t need to have Photo Reactor application if you are not interested in designing or modifying your own effects.  

However if you use Photo Reactor app, then you can open the source projects of the filters; you can change or heavily customize them beyond what the plug-in interface allows you to do and then save them back to Reactor Player as new effects and use them in Photoshop.

Effects and Filters

Reactor player comes bundled with two different sets of factory filters: Art Filters and Photo Filters. They are not just great effects by themselves, when you are ready they can be used as a fantastic blueprint to create your own.





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Simulates look of acrylic on canvas

Acrylic Modern

High impact graphic technique where you control mixture of two tones

Graphic MultiTone
Graphic One Tone

Soft illustration style reminiscent of old 1950’s magazine illustrations


Striking drawing using pencil and dark indigo paint

Indigo Ink

Simulates look of colored carving

Lino Carver

Simulates look of colored lino carving (different method)


Creates the effect of little planet from a suitable image.

Little Planet

Creates look of metal plate printing from late 1800s and early 1900’s

Metal Plate Print

Adjustable Mosaic filter


Creates look of heavy paint

Oil Painting 1

Creates look of old Dutch paintings

Old Masters

Graphic technique using single tone and curly ink shading

Oscar’s personal favorite watercolor effect.

Oscars Watercolor

A simple and fast paint effect

Paint Simple

A simple watercolor effect without much pizzas

Watercolor FAST

Watercolor sketch effect with adjustable color tone and outlines

Watercolor Study

Watercolor simulator with canvas and uneven edges

Watercolor Simul

Deepens sky and allows to add dramatic effect to the sky and foreground separately

Big Sky

Enhance tone and overall clarity of images

Clouds Designer

Creates Night shot from a day photo


Adds Clouds where they were none before or replace the original ones

Adds a dreamy look to the images without overpowering.

Dream Light

Very subtle sharpening of the edges while preserving everything else.

Edge Sharpen

A full image mastering process that recreates well light studio photo shoot.

Mastering V2

Apply realistic exposure compensation fix to photo

Fully adjustable HDR simulator to create this special effect from just one image


An Infrared camera simulator.

Noise Reduction

Improve White balance by adjusting 6 primary and complementary colors


Six Toner

Reduces noise while preserving features

Smoothes skin tones (works on light skin only)

Skin Smooth

A special high frequency sharpening that sharpens sub- pixel details while minimizing halo effect.

Subpixel Sharpen
Sun Designer

Simulates polarize filter to enhance sky and brighten greens



Add Sun to a picture and change sky colors

Film Simulator

Over 50 different film stock and camera simulations

Shadow HL Recovery

Recovers shadows and Highlights using Luminosity masks + adjust HUE of Mids