Conections - Advanced Objects

There are few other advanced objects that you can add to your DVD structure. These can be used for special or complex DVDs.

Chapter Play-List (Movie Branching Object)

This special object uses chapters of an existing movie object to play them in any sequence or play only few of the chapters. Double-clicking on the Branch object will open its properties.

On the image above, we link the Branch object to the Movie 1. Then we added chapters from the Available Chapters combo box with Add to List button. You can see that in our example we skipped Chapter 4. That means the region between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 will not be played. (The Chapter marks the beginning of the chapter region).

Movie Segment Object

Movie segment is a special simplified movie that is build of various video segments (short movies). These segments will be joined on the DVD and a chapter point will be added to beginning of each segment.

Please see more information in Movie - Special objects

Bridge Object

Bridge object is a special type of "bridge" that can link together any two objects even from different VTS.

In our example above we linked Movie 1 in VTS 1 to the Movie 5 in VTS 2. Without a bridge there is no simple way to link these two objects. A bridge is often listed as a possible link in other objects that normally link only to objects in the same VTS such as Play Lists, Case List or Splitter.


Splitter object uses a GPRM parameter to connect to two different objects in the same VTS.

The splitter object uses VM Command GPRM register for the Condition. See more in VM Commands.

Return to last Menu

This special object can be used to link end of a movie to the last viewed menu in the same VTS or VMG. For example we have 3 VTS menus from which we can play the same movie. After the movie ends we would like to return to the same menu from which we started. So we connect the end of the movie to the Return to last menu object.

The return to last object has also end link. This can be used for special purpose if there is no known return link. (For example the movie play from first play or it is invoked from different VTS using Bridge object)

VM Object

This is special object that is a simple pass-through link where it can run VM commands before it continues to its own end link.

We can use the VM Command object in VMG domain or VTS domain.