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Real-Draw PRO seamlessly combines vector tools with the power of pixel based image manipulation into a new type of  graphics editor, using a technology we call a VectorBit.
It instantaneously moves from one form to another, eliminating time-consuming conversion operations and the need for multiple drawing packages.

You can create anything from simple graphics, banners and buttons to complex interactive web page.

Real-DRAW PRO is a uniquely intuitive and versatile graphics program with no limit to the quality and style of output. Create 3D or hand drawings using familiar 2D vector tools. Create children hand-drawn illustration, painted art, photo-realistic imagery, 3D scenes, photographic clones and web pages in one package.

VectorBit technology

The basic idea of Real-Draw is to produce rich bitmap graphics using the comfort of vector-like editing combined with 3D features and Natural paint techniques.

In a standard vector application the output is usually smooth but very dry technical-like illustration and it usually takes a lot of effort to produce rich photo-like natural result. But its editing is very versatile, you can any-time change any aspect of the object or its shape.

A bitmap painting editor with its variety of brushes and effect can create natural looking or hand-painted result but by directly changing the pixels on image the degree of freedom used in vector editing is lost. Changing painted object usually means erasing it and painting it again.

A 3D application can produce photo-realistic looking surfaces by using bump mapping and lights, but modelling in 3D is a complex affair, far from simple drawing.


Real-Draw PRO tries to take from each method its own benefits. Now you can produce a Bitmap-like graphic but still edit it using typical  vector tools and adjust the texture by using lights and texture maps. You can also seamlessly mix these techniques as you wish.

On the image below created in Real-Draw in just few seconds, all objects are fully editable including the sparkle and the lens flare.


But that is just the beginning...