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CQUILL Advanced topics

CQuill can be an incredibly powerful tool, thanks to it’s customized dictionaries, advanced word editing and web crawling The topics below are way beyond what would a normal user need and are intended for advanced users (aka language geeks). CQuill works on the idea that you don’t have to use all the functionality and many things could be done different way.
There are many ways to create a dictionary. The simple way is to load a book into the Thesaurus AI Synthetizer and that’s it, let the little man behind the curtain do his bidding. A more advanced way would be using CSV document to have full control over the words you are creating. This topic talks about using Wordsheet to manipulate words from which we can build a reversed Shakespearean dictionary.
Dictionaries could be huge, 50 thousand entries for head-words are not that much and each can have 30 or 50 entry words. We are talking well over a few millions words. Trying to create cross-references by Web Crawling would probably take a year. Using index you can limit the working dictionary to a certain list of words, ones you are actually interested in. The index could be a book for example.
We can continue refining our dictionary using very targeted approach.
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