Dynamic Auto Painter 6






Most frequent questions and answers

Dynamic Auto Painter is designed for Windows 7, 8, 10

The speed of painting depends mostly on the processor. We recommend to use Intel Core i3 or faster.
There are no requirements for graphic card. Whatever you have these days will work.
We recommend to have at least 8GB of RAM, which you should have anyway. 16GB would be better of course.

We have created virtualized MAC version through WINE  Please visit the MAC page for more information.

Yes, you can use the images created with the PRO version for commercial purposes.
The HOME version is for personal and (non-commercial) use.
Version 5 came only in PRO flavor so it can be automatically used for commercial purpose.

By commercial use we mean that you can use the images you processed with DAP any way you wish; sell them, exhibit them, incorporate them into some other work of art, send them to the moon – whatever you think is appropriate.

By personal use we mean that you can use the images same way you would use your own photos for non-commercial use. You can post them to social sites, to friends, share them, print them and hang them in your home, incorporate them into other non-commercial work, send them to your grandma etc… that’s all good and appreciated.

Of course you have to make sure any image you use don’t infringe on someone else copyright.

Over the time DAP become really complex bit of software…
                  …so with version 6 we split it to too versions HOME and PRO.

  • The HOME version is for people who just want to select a preset and “paint” the image without any need to know more than that – something which the very first version of DAP did.
  • The PRO has all the adjustments and tweaks that are appropriate for its PRO name and once you install it you will know why. Because it has everything we could think of.

There is a table on the main page comparing both versions.