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Ordering Questions and Contact

The registration process is fully automatic and it runs through the secure Digital River https servers. The credit card information never leaves those servers and remains encrypted and always protected. Both companies; Mediachance and Digital River take data protection very seriously. Most orders are processed without any issues but the following is what to do if you encounter a problem.
Processing Orders - Your data are always safe!
What should I expect after ordering?
After you submit your order you should receive e-mail with the serial number or download link as soon as the credit card processor verifies your order. (Usually within few minutes after order, but if there is an issue it may take longer). Paypal orders usually take longer as there is more communication between payment processor and paypal.
I didn’t receive any e-mail
An usual problem would be a spam filter in the e-mail client or one set by your Internet provider. Please search in your client all your mail folders including trash, junk or spam. In most cases of missing registration the mail will be there. Another common problem may be entering wrong email-address. In very few cases the order simply didn’t go through for a technical reason. We receive copy of all orders and archive them, so if it was processed we should have it on file.
Lost Registration Code
If you lost your registration code you can request the copy in the contact form. Please specify email and the registration name.
We take your Privacy Seriously
We will not share any of our customers personal data (including e-mail address) with any third party under any circumstances.
Multi-Computer Use Allowed! You can install and use your purchased software on all of your personal computers with the same registration code
Updates within the same version are free. We don’t build separate update files, the Trial Version works also as an update.

Common FAQ

Contact form

Please Install and try the software before purchase. All software is delivered online-only in form of registration code that you must enter into the installed version. Some small utilities may be distributed as download full version. We don’t offer shipment of physical media.
Registration Delivery
Most of our new software would recognize previous full version if installed on the same computer and would offer Upgrade from within the software itself.
Note: We have some issue with feedback delivery. If you didn’t get your question answered, please resubmit again. We are looking into this.