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About MediaChance
MediaChance is a small privately owned Canadian Corporation with offices in Ottawa and provides users with easy-to-use, original, multimedia, video, DVD authoring and graphic solutions since 1998. Currently Mediachance has an extensive portfolio of well received graphics windows applications. Our latest products include Dynamic Auto Painter, Dynamic Photo HDR, Photo-Reactor and Photo Blend 3D.

Mediachance Software

Japanese version of DVD-lab with Pegasys INC
DVD-lab was included with Pioneer DVR-A07XL (for Australian market)
Real-Draw PRO as a part of PHOTO IMPACT PRO 13
Examples of BeckerDRAW in Spain, Netherland and France (SuperDraw)
We worked closely with Pegasys-inc, Japanese maker of TMPGenc to bring advanced DVD authoring software to Japanese market. Mediachance acquired assets of PureMotion, the UK maker of video editing application Mediachance operates and develops software in Canada.
While we are specializing in direct-to-customer sales and delivery, we also gladly work with OEM and software distributors. Here are some examples:
Our first released product under Mediachance label was Multimedia Builder (aka MMB) in 1998 Since then we created more than 50 different applications sold in various markets around the world
While we are predominantly selling to consumer end-user market, thanks to our extensive portfolio of software our business customers range from small companies to large enterprises including universities and government research facilities. Some of our large customers include (in no particular order):

Our Customers

NASA NASA Ames Research Center ABC Australian Broadcasting BBC and BBC Post Production HBO CNN BMW Group LucasArts IBM Fuji Film Microsoft NIKE Electronic Arts Seagate Technology Technicolor SONY Computer Entertainment The Museum of Modern Art NY UBISOFT Coca Cola FedEx RICOH SWITZERLAND Siemens XEROX Corel Corporation Adobe Systems Carl Zeiss D-LINK Corporation MOTOROLA INC Logitech

OEM, bundles and distributions

PEUGEOT CITROEN Eastman Kodak Company Boeing Australia Limited NIKON Mastercard Canon USA Inc Microsoft Research Ltd NEC Delta Airlines Citibank Reuters Lockheed Martin Halliburton Intel Pfizer Inc Goodyear Dunlop UK Ltd EBAY INTERNATIONAL AG McGraw-Hill Symantec Panasonic Corporation Nokia Sun Microsystems University of Essex Oxford University Procter & Gamble Nordstrom Inc Pepsico Qualcomm Radio-Canada
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