Photo SEAM

PhotoSEAM is an unique, special purpose full featured image editor for creating seamless photo realistic textures and tiles from digital photography, or from scratch.

While PhotoSEAM is capable of doing many things, (like photo-retouch for example) it was designed especially for creating seamless textures.

But due to the slow sales this idea was never let to grow beyond its 1.0 version. So here it is, as it was in 2004 and it still works well on Win 7

It’s FREE, for Windows


…seamless textures from scratch by using many of the drawing tools: Brushes, Artistic or 3D brushes, Image Nozzles.
…professional seamless textures from digital images (for example from your digital camera) by usingĀ  standard tools
…esoteric textures from photos with effects such as Mandala, sunflower, Wash Adjust the size and color of the final textures.

  • Everything you draw in Photoseam will always be seamless
  • All the retouching tools create seamless graphics
  • New special retouching tools for creating natural looking tileable textures from digital images have been added.
  • WYSIWYG tiled interface; you always see what the texture looks like.
  • Image Nozzle, Artistic Brushes for your creative mind
  • Support for PSP Picture Tubes
  • Pressure Sensitive tablet support
  • Libraries of brushes
Registration code:
Serial #: BSG471369A8787
Unlock #: 6dd1-591a-757b-e761

Brilliantly simple and creative solution for creating seamless textures from scratch or based on existing photos.
Tom Arah