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UltraSnap PRO is a MS Windows screen capture processor, vector editor and a smart clipboard tool all in one. You don’t have to open image editing software to add captions or annotations, cursors, arrows or combine multiple images or screen shots.
In our office many applications come and go, but UltraSNAP PRO has been a staple on all our computers for more than a decade. The software was originally build for creating screen captions of our software when making help files, to allow for quick annotations, adding mouse cursors, arrows etc…all without the need to save intermediate files or go to other editing applications. Over the years it grew into a full blown editor with image editing, vector editing, bitmap tracing ... all while seamlessly working with windows clipboard.
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UltraSNAP PRO 4 Windows 7,8,10

UltraSNAP PRO - beyond screen capture for Windows 7, 8 and 10

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One tool, multiple modes:
Create painting from photos with DAP
Combine photos into a great montage with PhotoBlend
How it works
System Requirements
The basic idea behind UltraSNAP is that it allows you to work all in one place without the need to open or save intermediate files or using many different applications to complete a single task. You can capture part of the screen, paste images from other applications, combine them, add text, cursors, arrows, graphics and then send it all quickly back to clipboard so it can be pasted in the final application such as Microsoft Office or Web or any image editing software. It offers quick resizing, sharpening or changing colors, adjusting levels and many other effects found in various other image editing tools.
Quick Capture with Clipboard batch processor Just press one of the user defined Hot-Keys, capture image from a software, web page or document, then quickly change its sharpness, size or colors. All the changes are immediately available in your windows clipboard to be pasted back to Microsoft Word, Web editor or image editing applications. The same modification can be applied automatically for any subsequent screen captures without doing the same task again and again.
Full Editing Mode This is where UltraSNAP goes beyond all the image capturing application around. By switching to Editing mode you have a full image/vector editor at your disposal. You can keep capturing multiple images and stack them the page, add cursors, arrows, texts, lines and other vector objects. You can apply effects, drop shadows, blur… Then you can send the result to windows clipboard, save as an image or PDF or drag and drop to web applications. The idea behind the Edit mode was to avoid using multiple applications to combine and edit images with text and objects so we packed it with all the image and vector effects and tools we could come up with.
What’s new in 2017 version (4.x)
This invaluable software was updated and enhanced with many additional tools. Supports Windows 10 with its specific DPI monitor scaling PDF page creator - you can make a multi-page PDF file out of your captures directly. All objects and temporary saves are now in User Documents Enhancements in Quick Capture mode - additions of Levels in image filters, sliders changes Many Enhancements in Editing mode: o Color Wheel addition o Conversions between bitmap/polynome and envelope modes o Image transparency pick o Text on path o Bitmap Level effect Added Image tracing to vector format Improved multi-monitor support New color swatch object for web or app designers
Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
We are introducing the all-new and improved 2017 version
Many more uses
While it may be a screen capturing tool at heart, it doesn’t necessary mean you have to stick to that. You can directly go to Editing mode, create a page, small advertisement, web buttons or graphics all from scratch and ten paste it in your final application. With version 4 you can now create PDF document with multiple pages, either from screen captures or from your edits. TIP 1: Create mini photo collages to be sent to your friends via email or through social media. No need to load files, just capture the photos directly from the screen of your computer photo viewer or online gallery, combine them, resize, sharpen, add text bubbles, then paste or drag and drop them into the email or a web application. All without creating any intermediate files and all in one application. TIP 2: Create your own mini vector clip-art library. If you see some interesting shape or icon, capture it, then use Trace Bitmap into Shape to turn it into editable vector object. Now you can change colors, edit the shape….
Always at hand
UltraSNAP can start with windows, waiting in Windows Tray, just a keyboard shortcut away. You can customize the hot-keys for various functions such as capturing a screen region or a window under cursor. Once you start using it you will find hundreds of task, from a simple screen-shot explanation that you can send by email to creating image collages or even grabbing web pages and creating PDF files.
User manual (also included with installation)
PDF file export
New in Version 4, you can quickly create multi-page PDF files from screen captures, documents or web pages, add additional text, highlight or hide some parts etc… More details here.
All the above illustration graphics were created directly within UltraSNAP PRO.
Version 4.1 06/10/2017 - fixes for PDF export
ULTRASNAP is good for business
Some of the UltraSNAP business customers include: Reuters, Avon Products, Lockheed Martin, Intel, Pfizer Inc, Goodyear Dunlop UK Ltd, TV Guide, EBAY INTERNATIONAL AG, McGraw-Hill, Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America, University of Alaska Anchorage, Oregon Department of Energy, Symantec, Eastman Kodak Company, Boeing Australia Limited and many more.
Drag & Drop everywhere
It is rather annoying to always save an image file before you can add it to email, gmail, cloud… UltraSNAP goes around this easily, you can drag and drop the image from the ultrasnap window directly to other applications, including web based apps (such as gmail, google drive), email clients or graphics applications. This is a huge time saver!
Capture interesting shape on web
Use Trace Bitmap
Now you can do anything to it…
*Just make sure you respect the copyright
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