Dynamic Auto Painter 6

    • NEW Presets
    • NEW LeRoy Nieman Style
    • NEW Grade and Inpaint tools
    • and much more
Dynamic Auto Painter

Dynamic Auto Painter

Create fantastic paintings from your photos in the style of famous world masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Benson, Corot and C├ęzanne

Photo Reactor

New nodal image editor and effect processor with unlimited possibilities

Dynamic Photo HDR

Enhance Dynamic Range of your images for Eye-Catching results

Ultra Snap PRO

Windows image processor, vector editor and a smart clipboard tool all in one.

Write your next great novel with Style

Creative writing application with unlimited thematic dictionaries and style assistants. As you type, the software will constantly suggest ideas and examples from other novels, authors and work

Multi-Keyboard Macros

Turn USB or Wireless keyboards into a dedicated shortcut and macro controller

MIDI-Keyboard Macros

Use your MIDI pads and MIDI controllers to create short-keys and macros for graphics, video editing , 3D software or text editors

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