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CrypTEA is a media encryption, file manager and viewer that password protects any sensitive videos, images, source code, files, folders while also encrypts their file-names.


Once encrypted, the files will look like a random bits of data without any way of knowing what type of file it contains. This is a great for storing sensitive information on your computers, NAS storages or in the Cloud.


CrypTEA 2.0 has build-in viewers for most formats and once you enter the password you can directly preview encrypted texts, images, videos and sounds without decrypting them to disk first.


The benefits of Full version:

 Internal secure Text/Code Viewer and Editor

 Image viewer for all common image formats allows you to view encrypted images directly

• NEW Video player allows you to play videos directly from encrypted file

• NEW Audio player allows you to play audio directly from encrypted file

 ….additional features such as adding recovery record to encrypted data.


Many of the encryption tools are either too complex, are not portable, don’t work nicely with NAS and Cloud, don’t have recovery block or don’t allow direct previewing encrypted files without decrypting them first.


Mediachance is presenting our very own file encryption tool that was developed with the goal of combining all the missing features from other security software.

Easy to use, small software, without any dependencies that can run from USB stic if needed Familiar Explorer like interface, with search bar to search file names (both plain-text and encrypted) Multi-layered encryption using research proven strong cipher with random noise seeded algorithm Ability to work directly with files on NAS storages Safe for remote access, CrypTEA files can be uploaded to Cloud just as easy as any other files File names are encrypted so the files don’t advertise their contents, they can be randomly named which allows for having multiple version of the same file or can have static crypto names for single version Industry secure double chained encryption with Robust Error checking and secure delete of files Build-in text, image, video and audio viewers for most common file formats (full version)

In Windows Explorer





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CrypTEA - MEDIA Encryption tool and viewer

Why another encryption tool?
Version 2.02 (2MB)
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CrypTEA files don’t advertise what they have hidden






In CrypTEA Explorer





In Windows Explorer the encrypted files and folders look anonymous. In the CrypTEA the files will show their original file name (after entering the correct password of course)





Easy to use





Navigate into any folder and use Encrypt or Decrypt. The files in the folder and its sub folders will be encrypted or decrypted in the place. Similarly you can use just a selection of files/folders.





Tips for additional usage
How is CrypTEA different?
Universal Site License
Your Computer sensitive data Protect your files and documents on your computer; such as medical records, confidential letters etc. Even if someone gets access to your computer they will be not able to make heads and tails of those files. Traveling Protecting sensitive files during traveling was the original purpose of our tool. You really never know in which hands your computer may end up, legally or not. With CrypTEA a third party would not able to determine the character of the encrypted files neither from the data itself nor from the file name. CD and DVD backups Those shiny discs get often misplaced or discarded after some time. Encrypt the files so nobody can read those discs should they find it years later. Local area network and NAS The data you store on your LAN attached storages are often accessible to all users on your network. Furthermore many modern NAS allow remote access to your data through the internet. While desktop computer firewalls are designed to keep remote users from accessing your computer, the NAS storage software is actually designed to make this task easier. Encrypting your potentially sensitive data will give you peace of mind. Clouds and other remote data services You really don’t know who is getting access (lawfully or unlawfully) to the data in the Cloud, because it isn’t under your control at all, and your rights to your data may not be what you think they are (read the fine print).  Encrypting data prior transmission will ensure your privacy - not even name can reveal the character of your data. Save your site passwords, credit card numbers, email accounts... Why to use yet another non-portable applications and various password managers or online services to keep your hard to remember data secure if you can simply type them in a text document and then encrypt them. Additionally the full version includes internal Secure text editor that allows you to view and edit encrypted text files directly and without traces. Disallow access to program exe and/or program folders. Again no need for another special software to do that - CryptTEA is perfectly suited to do that. (Note: you need to set administrator privileges to CrypTEA to change files in Program Files folder)

Comparison between Free and Full version

















Highly secure double chain encryption for files and folders








Anonymous non-revealing file and folder names







Portable, Zero dependencies, No internet, no .NET, Single EXE






Secure Recovery record (Parity block) If an encrypted file gets damaged, the attached recovery record can be used to restore it.







You can directly view and edit both encrypted and plain text files as well as different source code. The secure editor allows you to save changes into encrypted files directly. All operations are done in memory and it doesn’t leave any traces on the host computer.



Zero Trace Image Viewer




You can view encrypted as well as plain images with the build-in Image Viewer. The viewer works directly in memory and doesn’t leave any un-encrypted file traces on the host computer.



Animated GIF support




Image Viewer has internal support for Animated GIFs.




Overview | FAQ
What are Zero Trace viewers?

No backdoors or code compromises. Build-in integrity check





Why to buy full version?

Besides the obvious fact that the author can buy new shoes, and also the full version having additional features such as internal viewers, buying CrypTEA allows you to use it legally on any of your computers in household and require no activation so it remains fully portable and can be used from a memory stick.

We use the software ourselves during travels so it is in our best interest to offer clean, secure and reliable tool.




06/10/2017 - Version 1.3 - Internal Video Player - Internal Audio Player

Secure Image Thumbnail View




Fast and secure view mode that displays thumbnails of both un-encrypted and encrypted images (if correct password is entered of course)



Digitally Signed

Digitally signed EXE to protect from viruses and malware





CrypTEA encrypted files look to malware and ransomware (such as the infamous CryptoLocker like streams of random data without any real significance and they will be unlikely touched or changed by the malicious applications.

TIP: Help Protect your valuable data from Viruses, Trojans and Ransomware
Free Version (Windows)

Simple Versioning w/ Keeping original date attributes Choose between random encrypted filenames or static cryptic names. Random filenames used together with “Keep Date Attributes” allows for simple versioning, keeping multiple encrypted versions of the same file.







Fast Secure Video Player




Double-Clicking on the encrypted video in CrypTEA will launch internal video player. You don’t need to have any other video player installed on host computer. All common video formats are supported.
Displays only un- encrypted images




Fast Secure Audio Player




Double-Clicking on the encrypted audio will launch internal audio player. You don’t need any other media players installed.



Full version of CrypTEA includes a secure Zero Trace viewer/editor for encrypted images and various text files that do not create any temporary files as all operation is done in memory.

The viewers are internally build in the CrypTEA. That means you could always preview or edit the supported files even if the host computer doesn’t have any viewers installed.


Supported image formats (Secure Viewer): JPG, PNG, GIF (Animated and Normal), BMP, Adobe Photoshop PSD, PCX, TGA, TIFF


Supported text formats (Secure Viewer and Secure Editor): Source editor with Syntax highlighting: *.c,*.h, *.cpp, *.hpp, *.cs, *.bas, *.pas, *.asm, *.js, *.sql, *.xml, *.htm

Text editor: *.txt, *.nfo


Supported audio and video formats: all common video and audio formats





for WINDOWS ver 2.0
(so you can see how well it works)
Zero Trace Secure Text/Source Code Editor
No backdoors

The topic of backdoors in some popular security tools has been discussed repeatedly and while we have absolutely no knowledge that other tools may or may not have them implemented, we can say for sure that ours doesn’t. The files can be decrypted only with a valid password and the password cannot be in any way reversed or guessed from the data itself.




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Free version is for personal use only
After buying the license you will receive the link and a pass code to download the unrestricted FULL CrypTEA application. The full version works without any need to enter registration code so it remains fully portable. It is licensed for the whole household - as many computers as you have.
Site license will allow an organization to use CrypTEA on all and every computers within their organization. It is a worldwide license - that means it is not restricted to a single company location.
Vista, Win 7, 8, 10