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My primary work is the video taping of High School sports events using the Sony VX 700 Mini DVC format. This camera with its 1/2" chip produces excellent digital video, from which a still can be captured in the JPG or other format. Low light and poorly colored images have presented me with many problems. Of course I wish for well composed well lit JPG and othere images to work with, but circumstances and candid work often results in unuseable images. I downloaded the DCEnhancer and as a test pulled an Image which appeared to be almost a b/w image. This particular Image is one which had proven unworkable. I have other paint and photo retouch programs which are popular, they failed, and I forgot the image. ZDnet hot files presented the DCEnhance as a free download, and seeing it I took the chance. I say chance because I dont like filling my rather limited HD with un-neccessary applications.

The image opened and for the first time, a trash image looked hopeful, and by playing with the adjustments, an interesting and useable color JPG was created.

My situation is somewhat unique, in that I exclusively use the DVC format to acquire images. The Digital Video does give me huge selection to work from. Consider 30 frames per second and shooting 10 or 20 seconds of video as a minimum. Actually I shoot much longer scenes and will edit both video and stills from the footage. Having Hundreds of images of a subject allows you to capture the fleeting emotions of the individual. A rule of thumb when choosing a DVC camera is, the larger the chip size the better the resolution.

I regret that, I cannot report on this companys other products, because the DCEnhance has performed far beyond any expectation.

Bill Ames


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