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Canon S10
Nikon CP800
Canon S100


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Which one is for you?

There are many cameras on the market today. By comapring the image quality, portability, price and features we choose to look closer at these 3 consumer cameras with similar features and price: Nikon CP 800, Canon S10 and Canon S100.
This is our top 3 list:


#1 Canon S10
This camera has excellent CCD. While it is normal that cameras gives you a noise in dark areas of the image, this one has almost none and it can pull more details from shadows than most of the other cameras.
The picture quality is simply amazing. This camera can focus in very low light thanks to the AF Light Emiter.

There is very little you can say against this camera and it is also our choice to be #1 in 2.1 Mega consumer compact cameras.

We put a special page about S10 with images, more description and tips.
Canon S10 images and tips.

#2 Nikon CoolPix 800
Nikon digital cameras (mostly the CP 950 and 990) are known as "trusty" and if you comparing the image quality of different cameras you will always compare to some of the Nikon's.
The CP 800 has the same CCD and algorithm as the bigger brother CP950 and almost indentical features as S10 (surprise, surprise) making images with excellent exposure.
Nikon is made of plastic, it is bigger than S10, powered by 4 AA bateries and has no USB connection. But it has manual white balance as all the CoolPix series.
Nikon produces also excellent images with lot's of details and perfectly balanced exposure. However the S10 win the run in less noise and better focusing in low light.
If you don't mind bulkier body this camera should be considered as a good choice.

See some images of CP800 here:
Nikon CP800 images

#3 Canon S100
This is very cool camera and you will simply love it's design and portability. It is the smallest 2.1 digital camera yet (JUN 2000) but still producing nice images. The front of the camera is just little bigger than a credit card or audio tape.
The images are nice, however the camera tends to produce darker green color if you taking landscapes. Of course you can still work around this with the exposition lock or adjusting - but the image quality is behind S10 or Nikon.
The camera produces great images of people, portaits or close-ups. You can still correct the colors with our free tool ColorCastFX.

To see some images from S100 and comparison pictures click here.

This camera was made to be the smallest one and it surely is while still producing great images. Because it is the newest camera from Canon (JUN 2000) we were hoping that it also would have at least simillar quality to S10. But it looks that it doesn't take the excellent CCD from S10, nor the quality of metering system. If the size is important factor for you and you could live with the quality (which is still high in comparison to some other cameras) this would be a good choice.
We all know this camera is a novelty - but maybe one day our dream will come true - the size of S100 and quality of S10 or Nikon.

To see some cool tools go to our home page.



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