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Using Canon PowerShot (and also other) digital cameras many people found that the landscape images were simply bad. The grass was dark, almost black, The shadows were too heavy, however at that day the light condition was great.... Does this sound familiar to you ?

ColorCastFX can help you to fix that. And not only landscapes. It works great on any picture where fill-in flash was not used and the camera underexposed the front objects.

The same cameras usually behaves also the same way, so once you set the controls in CCFX you will need to change it very little.
Try select your camera from the Presets, if your camera is not there, just start from the default setting.

What the controls are for:
Color Cast Fix - moving the slider to the right will fix the dark grass landscape problem and makes the image warmer.
Auto Gamma - this lighten the shadows and with the Color Cast Fix combination produces more natural images.

Note: This software was tested mostly on Canon cameras, however many of the digital cameras have this problem in the same or less amount.

This tool is free from mediachance.com

You have two choices:
-a Stand-Alone version or
-Photo-Brush XTR plug-in version.

Please read what is the difference between Stand-Alone and XTR version.

Photo-Brush XTR plug-in, version ( 100 kB)

  • Not available yet, we are working on it

Read here how to install XTR Plug-In files.

Stand-Alone version 1.0 ( 530 kB)

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To see even more cool tools go to our home page.

The image on the left is an original image taken with PowerShot S100 with a strange blue cast.


The presets are in a preset.txt file in the same directory as the program. If you want to delete some preset, just open the presets.txt file in notepad and delete the line with the preset name and also 2 lines below (2 numbers, one on each line).

You can also Drag and Drop image from Explorer to the CCFX window instead of loading with Load button.

Exposure Tips:

Canon digital cameras use a center weighted metering system, which means that the camera measure the exposure from a small area in the center of the image. When taking your picture aim the camera at the area you want to emphasize (and base the exposure and focus on) in the center of the viewfinder. Half way press the shutter button. Then move the camera while holding the shutter half way to make the desired composition and then fully press the shutter button to capture the image.
This way you can avoid getting exposition from bright sky where the front object will be underexposed.

When shooting landscapes try to increase exposure a 1/2 stop, because the sky is usualy very bright in comparison to the rest of the picture. Also "Lock" the exposition on at some darker area on the landscape.

For more info about Canon S10 go to this page.

If you enhancing a portrait, the next step could be the ClearSkinFX

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