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back in time

Go back in time! Create Black and White images with a magical twist. Don't throw your images you don't like - experiment...

Yes B/Works is for creating old fashioned B/W images, Sepia or Duotone colored images.
Sometimes you have a picture which doesn't look very exciting in color, try to experiment with B/Works and maybe you create some art! Who knows?
As a special bonus there is also included a procedure to enhance sky - to create the powerful dark dramatic sky.

It is easy, load a picture and try some of the presets.
If you like what you see, save it (under different name, please..)
The image on the left was created using Duotone preset.

The Drop Shadow and the Button look was added by UltraSnap - our excellent screen capturing tool.

Try to experiment - B/W or sepia pictures looks many times more dramatic than colors!

Look at the image below. Enhanced sky gives this picture a very interesting feeling, dynamics and life look which the original didn't have. The original image is just regular shot of building... Duotone, Heavy Sky.

Give your web page an artistic, retro look - use for example duotone images.
: Contrast B/W images looks best on black background...:-)

This tool is free from mediachance.com

You have two choices:
-a Stand-Alone version or
-Photo-Brush XTR plug-in version.

Please read what is the difference between Stand-Alone and XTR version.

Photo-Brush XTR plug-in, version 1.1 ( 100 kB)

Read here how to install XTR Plug-In files.

New: The Bworks 1.1 is already included in the installation of Photo-Brush so you don't need to download 1.1 xtr again

Stand-Alone version 1.0 ( 650 kB)

We provide you with this tool free of charge. But you can do something for us: Please put our link or banner on your site. Get banners or buttons here.

To see even more cool tools go to our home page.


The image above uses Burned preset. The original color image didn't have much life...but here the enhanced contrast and coloring make the image much more interesting.

Create Dramatic effects with Heavy Sky settings.

Why The Heavy Sky shows "bricks"?
By using Heavy Sky settings on compressed JPEG pictures you may discover that some large areas shows a quite big rectangular pixelation (like mosaic effect). Congratulation, you discovered the JPEG compression. In JPEG one of the trick to compress picture is to save the color parts of the image in much lower resolution than intensity. Intensity is the Black & White part of the image and this is where we see the small details. The other 2 color parts are less important for eye so JPEG saves them in much lower resolution - depending on compression as well. Unfortunately the color parts are very important when we use the Heavy Sky effects. When you use JPEG of poor quality with Heavy Sky effects the compression will show up.
BTW if next time you see JPEG 4:2:2 compression, you will know that it means for 4 pixels of intensity there are just 2 pixels of color information right away- even if you use 0% compression. And when you use compression the color information starts going down to larger and larger "bricks".

Tip: Try to avoid JPEG compression as much as you can. I am not saying that you have to always use super-fine resolution your camera offers. But at least use the second best resolution.

See our 3D Spherical images from SIC 2000

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