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Real-DRAW V for Windows
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Vector-like Editing Any object you create is editable all the time. You can change shapes, group objects, move them in layers, resize, edit envelopes etc. Any object has its own changeable properties like color, texture, outline, lights, material, transparency, multiple 3D effects, bevels, shadows, motion blur and much more. Bitmap Editing Unlike in a normal vector editor you can actually paint directly onto any vector object using airbrushes, 3D or Artistic brushes and special Image Nozzles. You can paint on the canvas and the strokes will become another object to which you can apply effects, just as with vector objects. No other program can do this. 3D Effects You can apply various bevels and extrude effects to any object or bitmap to create perfect three-dimensional work. You can get even closer to rendered-like image by applying an unlimited number of 3D lights to any object or by changing its material properties. For example, Real-DRAW PRO makes it very easy to create realistic metallic textures - often a big problem in standard vector drawing packages. Illustration Package The combination of Real-DRAW's tools allows you to create drawings in your style - illustrations, 3D render simulations, airbrush work, kids illustration, engraving, you name it - you have the full control. Hand-Painted Style Not many software offers a vector-editable hand-painted style. And very few can come close to the quality and fun factor of the many NPR presets in Real-DRAW V. From Watercolor to Oil painting, Illustration or engraving - nothing is too hard for NPR. Mega Render Design small, render big! A special Mega Render export module allows you to render the design into crisp large image sizes. Mega Render will not just resize the image, but it will add more texture detail as well.
Export to Adobe Photoshop You can export the whole design into Adobe Photoshop keeping all the layers, transparency channels, shadow layers and layer names as you created them in Real-DRAW More Info... You can read much more info in the detailed online manual (Opens in new window/tab)
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Compatible with... Get Real-DRAW capabilities inside a windows clipboard at the press of a keyboard shortcut. Check out UltraSnap PRO, our favorite graphics clipboard processor.
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Editing seamless textures with the same Real-DRAW PRO tool-set: check out the Pattern- Studio.
Works on all Windows from XP to Win8
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