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Windows Text Clipboard Expander

Your new best friend for working with text on Windows 7, 8, 10
Windows Clipboard Expander adds multiple text clipboards to Windows:
Two Hot-key swappable clipboards Instead of having only one basic in & out text clipboard you can now have two and switch between them with a Hot-key. Based on our in-office research (totally legit), we noticed that just having two text clipboards improves the productivity more than twice!
How many times did you use Copy command only to realize that you had something else in clipboard and that is now gone. Or perhaps you needed to repeatedly paste more than one text into multiple places of a document and you needed to devise a little Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V choreography to get everything where it belongs. Despite the fact that Copy / Paste is probably one of the most used function on a computer, modern operating systems don’t really give you much to work with. Here is our own productivity tool - a software that greatly expands and enhances windows text clipboard.
Cumulative text clipboard Each copy command will be added to the previous text with a range of options for delimiter. This is a great way to build a table, CSV text file for excel, string variable or line by line collection of links by using only Ctrl+C command.
History Clipboard This clipboard remembers all your copy operations and besides the obvious that you can recall a text you copied many operations ago, you can do some advanced tricks. For example re- arrange the items in history and then paste them in sequence by using a Hot-key.
Clippings - a permanent clipboard with categorization and encryption If there is a text you use often, such as your address, email disclaimer, instructions for clients etc, Clippings is the definitive place to go. For a sensitive information such as credit card numbers clippings offers an industry strong encryption with password.
Standard windows clipboard is very simple to use and we wanted to keep it that way with our Expanded version as well. We were very careful to make the interface clean, easy to use and to avoid unnecessary features that plague similar tools.
Clipboard Expander stays most of the time in Windows Tray where it works automatically. Clipboard Expander has a clean Task oriented interface
How to use? See Tutorial here
32-bit windows here
For Windows 7,8,10
Little history Many different iterations of this tool lived on our office computers and become a daily bread and butter. In fact the oldest version dates back to 1997. In twenty years nothing really changed with the Windows native text clipboard so it was a time to build a definitive version of our tool, right from the scratch, now targeting the modern operating system.
No feature creep
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Edit inside Clipboard
One of many interesting features is that you can directly edit the text already in the clipboard from the Clipboard Expander interface. Then just press the Send to Clipboard button!
This license can be used on multiple home or on a single office computers.
+ 2x WINDOWS CLIPBOARD EXPANDER Enhance Windows with multiple TEXT Clipboards NEW PRODUCT  Two swappable Clipboards Cumulative Clipboard History Clipboard Permanent Clipboard + + +
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