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Seamlessly run 32-bit Plug-ins such as KPT Collection inside modern 64-bit Adobe Photoshop
There are hundreds of 32-bit photoshop plugins that were never updated for 64-bit Adobe Photoshop ©. Now you can start using them again!
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Plugin Bridge for Photoshop Windows only

Plugin Bridge - Run 32-bit Plugins inside 64-bit Adobe Photoshop!

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Version 1.0.3 (24JUN/2017)
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Safe space to run your 32-bit plug-ins
The Plugin Bridge runs the 32-bit plugins inside a safe memory space so an unsafely written plugin cannot crash Photoshop. Thanks to the Plugin Bridge it is actually much safer to run the 32-bit plugins inside the 64-bit Photoshop than it was inside 32-bit Photoshop.
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The 32 to 64 Plugin Bridge allows you to run most old 32-bit plugins natively and directly from inside 64-bit Adobe Photoshop.
How it works
1.The Plug-in Bridge installs as a 64-bit filter inside 64-bit Adobe Photoshop
2. When the filter runs, it creates safe 32-bit memory space to prevent some rogue plugins from affecting Photoshop.
3.In the Plugin bridge add any installed 32-bit plugins to the list. The plug-ins don’t need to be in any specific folder, the Plugin Bridge can use them where they are currently installed on your computer.
4. Now just launch any of the added plug-ins from within the Plugin Bridge List. When you process the image in the Plug-in it will send it back to Photoshop like any other plug-in. It is that simple!
Current version Limitations
The Plugin Bridge works with standard RGB 8-bit/channel and grayscale image modes. Masks or Selections are not currently passed to the plugins (we will explore this option later) Majority of plugins will work, but some may not or may crash Some old plugins may not be ready to work with large images and will return memory error.
1.0.3 The Bridge can search for dependent DLLs in the same path where the 32-bit plugin is located Better plugin analysis when plug-in refuses to load and more error checking Remember last Search folder 1.01-1.02 The Plugin Bridge icon will stay visible in taskbar when plugin is running Code for loading and running “ancient” Adobe SDK plug-ins such as KPT Convolver
Tested third party plug-ins
There are thousands of old plugins that work fine but we can’t test them all. It would be great if you can send us list of plugin collections that were tested to be either working or not.
Plugin Name
KPT Collection
KPT Equalizer
KPT Convolver
Collection of all KPT plugins from KPT5,6 and 7 Given as a freebee for Paintshop Pro users. Installs to C:\KPT This is the best KPT collection to use.
This separate plugin was given as a freebee by Metatool in some magazines. If big image is used it will likely throw Memory error. However the same newer plug-in from KPT Collection works fine with big images.
Works with Plugin Bridge 1.0.1 This is a really ancient plug-in! If you have the installation files, you will need to install it under Windows 95 Virtual Machine to get the actual unpacked files. Install the 32-bit version (not the 16-bit version) Then copy the folder C:\KPT from Virtual Machine to your current WIndows machine. But that’s not all…. Find files C:\Windows\CONVO32.HUB and CONVO32.IMG on the 95 VM machine and they need to be copied to C:\Windows\ folder on your current windows machine. then it runs - the interface is really small now; 640x480 and you barely can see any preview…. Works fine as a novelty, but probably not worth pursuing…
More will be added - send us your feedback so we know
Ulead Art Texture and other old ULEAD webutilities plugins
In general they don’t work because of the way these plugins want to write their config in Windows folder and fail when they can’t, but there is a way around it if you really, really want to run them. See this link
Plugin Name
Not Working
Tested hosts
The Plugin Bridge works inside many 64-bit hosts applications, including: All Adobe Photoshop CS versions (including CS6) Corel Painter 2017 Affinity Photo
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