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The Photo Reactor BETA is a full UNICODE build of PHOTO REACTOR with the most recent code base. This version is based on 1.8.1 code and there were many code changes in order to be compiled as UNICODE UNICODE version allows for natural use of UNICODE characters in naming such as Russian, Japanese etc… This process require a lot of changes in the code. It is usually straightforward and many changes are being done automatically by the tools we build to help us with the process, but with such as extensive code as Photo Reactor, there may be areas of the code with potential issue that we didn’t catch. Therefore we released the latest version as BETA until we are sure everything is translated from 1.8.1 correctly. If you can, try to use the beta version and let us know if there are any issues, so we can go forward with this version. You can always go back to 1.8.1 if things don’t go well. The files between non-unicode and unicode are interchangeable, but: if you name a file in the UNICODE version with extended character set (ex, Japanese) you will not be able to load it in non-unicode 1.8.1 version as the non-unicode version will not be able to read the file name correctly. If you use english for naming, then everything is fine. Script Language will remain non-unicode in both version for compatibility reasons for now as we use Scintilla library that is not unicode. All the source comments in the script need to be in english. Updates (updates to BETA are posted without increasing version number): 27/04/2020 Photo Reactor and Reactor Player BETA updated 25/04/2020 uploaded first versions

Latest Version: 1.9U BETA

Windows 10,8,7
Reactor Player BETA Adobe Photoshop plug-in that can run photo reactor made effects (separate product) If you use Reactor Player and Photo Reactor BETA you may want to try testing the Reactor Player BETA 1.9U that uses the same UNICODE build as above Photo Reactor BETA This is not mandatory, vfxbox files created with either version of Photo Reactor should be runnable in either version of Reactor Player, but it keeps the versions in sync - any changes that the Photo Reactor beta may have, will appear in the reactor player beta as the versions are build from the same files. If you don’t intend to use Photo Reactor BETA - then at this moment you don’t need to update or try the Reactor Player BETA, you can wait for final release.
Note: You need to have registration for Reactor Player, otherwise it will run unregistered.
This is Stand Alone application
Download Photo Reactor 1.9U BETA
Photo Reactor
Photo Reactor + Reactor Player for Photoshop
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