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Photo Reactor
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Photo Reactor Introduction

Learn basics by creating “Clarity” effect

Apply Effect from one image to another

Parameters Group explanation

Introduction to Photo Reactor Scripting (Advanced)

Create HALD CLUT for Film Emulation

How to convert standard editing Tutorial to a Node workflow

Run External applications

In this quick tutorial we will take Pat David Freaky Details tutorial for GIMP and we will convert it to a dynamic workflow in Photo Reactor
CLUT tables can be use in photo and video editors. Any color correction can be expressed as a Color LookUp Table or CLUT or 3D LUT. A Hald CLUT is an image that has a specific color pattern on it. HALD CLUT image can be used as a 3d lookup table to apply special color grading in photo and video editors.
This is a quick intro into Photo-Reactor c++ scripting language. Scripting in Reactor is completely optional and it is intended for advanced users with some c++ knowledge.
In this short tutorial I will show you how to collect parameters into Parameters Group before we create Virtual Effect to hide a very complex and messy project into a single object.
This short example shows how an external application ( Adobe Photoshop in this case ) can become a part of the Photo-Reactor flow. Whenever we made and save changes in Photoshop, Reactor will automatically pick up the changes in the flow. This saves us from creating intermediate files
This briefly explains one of the unique feature of Photo-Reactor that allows to apply effect from one photo-reactor processed file to another one, without having the project file. This is great for "soft archiving" your ideas or exchanging them online.
A simple but effective concept of creating Clarity Effect that will both soften harsh shadows and increase contrast and sharpness. Additionally it will allow to change the color tonality of the image.
The tutorial explains few basics of Photo-Reactor, then we create a simple but reusable Orton Effect in 30 sec (1:00), then from (1:30) we go more about groups (2:00), pin connectors (2:30) and Binding Objects (3.35) then we talk a bit about devices (4:06).
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Photo Reactor
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