EditStudio is for DV and standard definition editing (NOT HD). It is a full video editing package with standard windows interface, multi-camera support, professional quality tools and results. It is a flexible tool that offers all types of standard and advanced video capturing, editing and Subtitling in one package.

"Edit Studio boasts an array of features which can only have come from listening to us, the end user." Marc Peters Digital Director UK


Edit STUDIO 6 (DV, SD)


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$25 USD

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There are many video editing applications, but few are both affordable and offers such a strong list of professional features. Because of our price policy, EditStudio PRO is very affordable.

30. Nov 2012 - Due to the expiration of license between Mediachance and Rovi corp the new owner of Mainconcept MPEG2 engine, Edit Studio 6 installation no longer contains Mainconcept MPEG2 libraries.

From this date the price of EditStudio had been permanently cut and remains an excellent and inexpensive choice for DV and AVI codec based editing with multiple camera support.
: installing the free K-Lite Codec Pack Basic enables import and expert of many video formats through Direct Show.

If you own previous Edit Studio and need download the MPEG2 libraries, you can do from this link.

Clean Video Editing Approach

You will soon discover one of the EditStudio strongest feature - the unlimited stackable effects and transition layers.

Instead of applying the effect directly to a video track, you can use the effect tracks instead.

This makes handling the project much easier and much more visually oriented than in other applications. It is easy to position the effect to the exact frames without splicing the video. It is easy to move the effects or resize them in timeline or even copy and paste them without touching the video tracks!


Easy to use, innovative Multi-Camera Editing 
Thanks to the EditStudio unique layered Effects, multi-camera editing uses very clean approach. No splicing and dicing of your videos. The switching between different cameras is done right on the Effect layer, without actually touching any of your synchronized videos. And adding transitions between the cameras is equally simple, just add it over the cut on the Transition Layer!

"This technique is extremely effective for adding interest and an air of professionalism to company videos, weddings, gigs and many other productions. It's almost impossibly fiddly to achieve in the other packages ..., but EditStudio makes it easy, even surpassing similar tools in Vegas Pro and Premiere Pro." expertreviews.co.uk


Add Subtitles and Chapter Marks
Adding frame accurate subtitles using subtitle Marks is now much easier with EditStudio PRO. You have the benefit of hearing and seeing the exact scene and the audio. The subtitles are also displayed on the Preview monitor during playback, making it easy to evaluate the timing. Then at the end you will just export them as *.SUB files that you can use in DVD-lab PRO or other professional DVD authoring application.

PRO Tools
You will be surprised to find many professional tools such as Vectorscope, Waveform, RGB Parade, Tone and Bar generators, IRE safe Colors, 3-point Color correction, Chroma/Luma-key, Quick Matte etc.


What's New

  • Streamlined Interface
  • Integrated Multi-Camera editing
  • Alpha Transparency on layers and various overlay modes
  • Vectorscope/Waveform/RGB Parade (also Live Scopes in capture)
  • Navigator View (allows easy access to whole project)
  • Color Bar and Tone generators
  • Quick Matte to directly paint Transparency Matte on a video with a brush
  • Mark In/Out dialog
  • Easy access to Toppings from Properties
  • Templates for HDV HD1 and HDV HD2
  • Audio/Video loops and multiple Loop Markers


You can now open Vectorscope panel


At a glance:

pastelA camera cut is on separate layer
  • Unlimited Composition layers for Video, Text, Audio and Effects
  • Key-frame editing
  • 3 point colour correction; this provides advanced color correction and color matching
  • Digital photo quality levels and curves controls
  • Chroma and Luma Key
  • Vectorscope, Waveform and RGB Parade scopes
  • DV, AVI, Windows Media and QuickTime export
  • Editing enhancements: autoripple, cut out, trimming in timeline, delete space, auto audio crossfade
  • Audio manipulation - 5 band equalizer, speeding, slowing
  • Adding Subtitles

All the expected Editing Tools for MiniDV and DV tape-based cameras
You can trim items directly on timeline with support for slip editing, to retain the items running time. Interactively adjust audio volume, balance and pan via rubber bands. Version 6 adds easy J and L cuts for linked items.

Composing Features
Interactively drag to move and resize the bitmap or video placement to create dynamic picture-in-picture or motion effects (i.e. the "Ken Burns- effect)
Motion paths can include mixture of linear and spline curves. Objects can be moved and resized by dragging with the mouse or entering coordinate values for accurate placement with instant feedback.

Effects & Transitions
There are not many other applications that come already with such a great variety of pro-grade effects. Chroma Key, Luma Key, Realistic Old Film effect, Flare, Color and Gradient filters, Route Tracer for animated routes or graphs, Knock Out for removing on-screen text or graphics and much more. Effects can be applied also only to a circular or rectangular region of frame. For example you can blur out a face of a person and then keyframe the blur region to move with the person.
There are also many user customizable transitions, over 100 transitions are provided, more available through Herb Garden.

pastelYou can cut to video using buttons or keyboard shortcuts

Text and Titling

Very few packages come close to the text functionality of EditStudio. Titles supports stationary text, as well as scrolling text, credits and crawling motion with many motion presets. You can mix fonts and styles, outline, glow or drop shadow. But that's not all! Letters of title can ripple, twist, come to screen one after another or use staggered effect. You can also insert a special purpose tag that can display a counting timecode or frame number (for example for creating production copies)

Here we go to the area where only true professional packages will let you. You can set key-frames for frame (video, image) placement, audio and many effects, then edit key-frames directly on the timeline. Linear, step and spline interpolation types are supported, along with ease in / out acceleration.

EditStudio has integrated analogue and DV capture with automatic scene detection using optical or DV timestamp methods. Also you can preview directly into DV device.


List of included Import/Export plug-ins
EditStudio 6 is supplied with many high-quality internal import/export plug-ins to overcome the common codecs nightmares, but works also with other DS codecs for added flexibility:

  • DV file with smart rendering: Internal Import/Export
  • Windows Media 7,8,9: Internal Import/Export
  • Quick Time: Import/Export (require QuickTime installed)
  • AVI (DIVX, XVID, MJPEG etc..) using available DirectX codecs. (*See Note)
  • MP4, H264 AVC Import (require QuickTime 7.3 and ffdshow, use K-lite Codec Basic pack for many supported formats)
  • Frame-Serving to other applications using free Debugmode Frameserver

Note: DIVX or XVID formats were developed as highly compressed distribution formats and are not very suitable for video editing (quality and speed issues)



Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista or XP (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1 GB of free disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (highly recommended higher resolution)


Free Trial

Platform: XP, Vista, W7 (32/64 bit) 57 MB

Version: 6.0.5 LMT (does not include Mainconcept MPEG libraries)

  • EditStudio (24.6 MB) from mediachance
    This is a 30-day fully functional Trial version.

MPEG2 libraries for previous owners if you need to reinstall EditStudio

EditStudio SDK
Free EditStudio SDK for developing Edit Studio Plug-ins such as Effects, Audio/Video Filters and file format Input/Output plug-ins

  • Full SDK Documentation
  • Several examples
  • Plug-in Builder tool to aid in the creation of new plugins
  • Download ES SDK 2.0 here (500 kB). (VC++6)

Works for Windows XP, Vista 32/64 bit and W7 32/64 bit



Multi-Camera editing.
EditStudio 6 has direct support for editing multi-camera footage. It uses some of the unique properties where the effect (here the multi-camera switching) is applied in its own track and it never touches the underlying videos.

Read full tutorial here or download PDF file



User video, tutorial for split screen/matte paint.
Also good to see the basic ES workflow.

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