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CrypTEA - portable file and folder encryption

Version 2.02 Minor changes: better thumbnail preview of corrupted animated GIFs Version 2.0 Internal Video and Audio player for most common formats Version 1.6 Encrypt Dialog now have options to disable/enable encrypting folder names Encrypt now have option to disable/enable generating random encrypted filenames. Originally each time you encrypt a file it will have a different name (Enabled). Beside higher obfuscation this also gives you a simple versioning - you can keep multiple encrypted versions of the same file in a single folder as each version have different name and with the Keep Original File Data option you know which file is the newest. However if you are copying the encrypted files to a backup drive and you need just one version, this may not be what you want as the old encrypted files will be never replaced with new ones (since they have different names). When this option is Disabled, each time you encrypt the file it will generate the same cryptic file name. So the summary: o Enable Randomly Generated File Names -  every time you encrypt a file it will have different cryptic file name - this allows for simple versioning since you can keep multiple encrypted versions of the same file in the same folder. o Disable Randomly Generated File Names - every time you encrypt a file, it will have the same cryptic name. This allows for replacing old versions of encrypted files with new ones (for example to the cloud) Note: This option doesn’t change the way folder names are encrypted (which is always NON Random) Version 1.5 option to keep the file dates of the encrypted and decrypted files unmodified added *.webm as known video file to the list Version 1.4 fixed corrupted thumbnail on unecrypted GIF files added changeable thumbnail size Version 1.3 added thumbnail preview added asynchronous video playback support

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