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Easily Create motion graphics for web, social media, explainers and video

We are introducing an easy to use motion graphics animation software with some exclusive features that you won’t find elsewhere

Motion Graphics Animation with Natural vector brushes


Full vector object editing with natural hand drawn brush styles Easy to understand Keyframe animation with Motion Tweens High quality Animated GIF engine perfect for web and social media Export up to 4K for video editing and composing, including animated video Matte layers Animated Procedural Textures Shadows, Bevels, Effects and Lenses Screen Recorder for tutorials Customized Motion Easing functions Multiple Scenes per Project

Motion Easing your way

Add motion easing to key frames with fully customizable easing editor. You wanted your own easing function? Draw it.

Keyframe Animation with Motion Tween

It is easy to get going with keyframe animation. Each object can have multiple animation layers (called Lanes) for Motion, Opacity, Color etc… You have also multiple scenes per project to let you organize your animation and work on it scene by scene.

Unique Hand Drawn Styles

Give your animated vector object a hand drawn look (even with animated edge shimmering). Something that takes time to achieve in other animation software is done here automatically. And you are still working with vector objects!

Animated Procedural Textures

With just two keyframes in Color Lane you can create crazy animated textures. They can be even applied to a hand drawn style!

Professional Export, up to 4K

From social media friendly Animated GIF, through image sequence to video files, our Animator had it all and that includes exporting fully transparent backgrounds and Matte video. High Quality Internal Animated GIF engine FFMPEG encoding support (you need ffmpeg.exe) Videos up to 4K. Because everything you design is vector based - that means it is fully resizable. You don’t have to work with a large frame to produce high quality videos. Just make your animation and let MegaRender create crisp HD or 4K video! Export Animated Video Matte with Pre or Post Multiplied Alpha channel suitable for any video composing or editing software including Adobe Premiere, Magix Vegas etc…
color layer matte layer

Shadows, Bevels, Effects….

Drop shadows, Bevels and special effects are all there. Including our Exclusive lenses feature.
Lenses will turn any vector object into a lens simulator through which you look at objects below it. These include magnifying glass, ripple, lens flare and many others!

What is it for?

The goal was to create a software that can be used right away without much learning, yet it doesn’t end there as it offers deep features that can be discovered at later steps. With motion animation you can create: web and social media animations - Animated GIFs will play in forums, instant messages apps, e-mails and on your web pages without any headache with codecs and formats feature showcase quick how-to tutorials motion titles and graphics for video and other similar tasks. Animator was build around a full featured vector editor to create, manipulate and animate vector and bitmap objects directly inside, with many advanced import and export capabilities.
Windows 7,8,10
+tax $45
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