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PureImage NR is a wavelet noise reduction and color matching software for digital images.

The wavelet process produce high quality noise reduction while retaining image sharpness and details.

PureImage NR, Wavelet Noise Reduction

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PureImage will automatically auto-tune the noise function to different noise type across the image, making the interface much simpler and universal for all digital or film cameras.

There are few Advanced Processing presets for better tuning the NR algorithm

Default Mode

Performs well on most digital camera images. You can fine-tune the NR level and edge sharpness.

Nature Mode

Retain fine details in outdoor images with lots of trees, flowers and grass

Portrait Mode

Keep natural facial texture on close-up portrait photography to avoid a "face-lift" look of the model.

High Noise Mode

Works on very high level of noise produced by high ISO settings. Even some of the most extreme cases could be restored.

Scanner Mode

Remove Moiré pattern from high resolution scans using special de-screen filter.



Advanced Wavelet Noise reduction

Quick constant preview of the noise being reduced

Optimized Color Matching and Correction

Has build-in rotation tool

Advanced De-screen filter

Curves and Histogram display

High quality JPEG output with Auto-Quality

Supports various input/output formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, RAW etc..

Drag and Drop files from explorer

Open Next/Previous file in folder with one button





The image shows the self-adaptive feature of our Noise Reduction on few complicated parts of the image. (The middle image shown is after NR):


1. Metallic and shiny objects

2. Smooth transitions

3. Flat black surface

4. Out-of-focus transitions

5. Sharp transitions

6. Complex grain

Color Correction


Shadows and Highlights Levels

Adjust the image in Shadows and highlights which will give your dull image a punch

Exposure Compensation

Fix a exposure of your image, bring up details from shadows or tone down over-burn image

Color Temperature Filter

Adjust image warmer or Colder and fix a color cast from flash or wrong White balance.

Color Boost

Boost colors to make your image Vivid (this is NOT the same as a conventional saturation)


Color Matching

Picasso (or someone else) once said: "Good artists copy, great artists steal."


Do you like the tone and colors of some other image and want to use it in your pictures? No problem! Just load the reference image in Color Match and the advanced matching and optimizing algorithm

Crop to Format

A crop is the most effective tool to make your image look finished on the final medium. PureImage mimic the Photo-lab enlarger function. You can clearly see how the image will look on finished format size and you can also use the famous rule-of-thirds grid.

Auto-suggest JPG Quality


No more guessing what JPEG quality you have to use during saving. The Auto-Suggest will find the optimal quality for you (the maximum quality setting that match the source image)

This software is is now offered free of charge, but please browse through our web site to see what commercial software we have to offer. We have Dynamic Auto Painter to turn a photo into painting, Dynamic Photo HDR to create eye catching HDR images and many other products.

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RAW Files Support


PureImage does support RAW files… but the last version was compiled in 2008 so sadly not all cameras today will be supported. So you may try RAW files, but probably the best would be to stick to png or jpg.

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