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MultiKeyboard MACROS FAQ

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Windows 7,8,10 (5MB)


What types of keyboards MKM supports?

MultiKeyboard Macros work with any standard USB or Wireless keyboard that is HID compliant. You can recognize HID compliant keyboard easily: they can type characters as soon as you plug them, even without any special driver.
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What keyboard may not work?

Dedicated keypads and game boards that require a special driver are not HID compliant. Some of them may work once their driver is installed (for example Logitech G13). When you plug-in non HID keyboard it will not do anything at all before you install drivers. These devices are not really keyboards even if they may look like one but are called keypads. They do not have normal letters printed on them, rather just a generic pad numbers (or G1, G2.. as in logitech case)
If it doesn’t have normal letters it isn’t really a keyboard, it is a USB device with keyboard-like keys and it needs a driver!
Some of those keypads will install a virtual keyboard driver and that may make them work as a HID device. If these keys are mapped to keyboard keys, MultiKeyboard macro will see them as well. In any case, these non standard keypad devices will come with their own macro software. If the manufacturer doesn't make the drivers anymore then you are likely out of luck. (That’s why HID keyboards with MultiKeyboard Macros are better choice)
These keyboard shaped USB objects may or may not work - depending on their drivers.

What about the half (one hand) keyboards?

Half keyboards became popular recently and there is a number of them on the market. They look as if you snap a normal keyboard in half somewhere around letters T, G and B and keep only the left part. (Sort of feels like buying only a left shoe) They don't need any drivers and are really exactly what they look like - a normal HID keyboard with only half of the keys available.
These keyboards are a good candidates for MultiKeyboard macros due to their small footprint. And because they are just a standard HID keyboards, they are very economically priced.
If it has letters it is likely a standard HID keyboard, even if it may look like it came out of spaceship.

What about Numerical Keyboards

These are our favorites! Nobody really wants them these days so you may get them for a song. They have grid of about 16 keys and take very little space. If you want, you may even define different macro with MKM depending on the state of NumLock. With MultiKeyboard Macro you are not limited to just one of these keyboards. Go wild! Add more as you need them.

How many additional keyboards you can now plug to your computer with MKM?

As many as you want. Honestly, you will run out of your desk space much faster than the ability to add more keyboards.

How to remember which key is for what?

If you have been watching as many art and craft videos on youtube as I did, you may already know that it is indeed a thing: people “decorate” their keys with WASHI tape. While I will leave the aesthetics of such act for you to judge, the fact is: this simple and effective idea would work well for the shortcut keyboards.
Example of half keyboards - from google search
Example of WASHI tape craft projects - from google search

Security Concerns

We build this application to be used in our office and to be deployed on our personal and business computers. While there may be some security/privacy concerns and questions about an application that sits between the keyboard and OS (and there should!), we build it as safe as possible without any ability to communicate with outside world. Your privacy concerns are simply the same as our own privacy concerns when it gets to using a software with access to low level hardware. The application never stores anything else on your computer except what you see and define as the Macros and never sends any data anywhere else over network - nor it has any such capability.
If it has letters, it is very likely a HID compliant keyboard that doesn’t require any driver and can be used with our software.
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