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Photo Reactor 32/64 bit WIN
Beginners Corner - basic and gentle introduction by Bil Abington Beginners Corner (PDF) Manual. The manual is already included in the installation, but it can be also downloaded separately: Reactor Manual (PDF)
Embedded Flow
Photo-Reactor creates JPG files with an embedded flow. You not only see the result of the effect, the image also become the effect itself. You can get many user created embedded flows on the Reactor web board of MMBForums.
Plug-ins created with the Plug-in SDK. If you are developer, please look on the SDK section for more info. It is very easy to use. Installation: Unzip the plugin for your platform and copy the files to the PhotoReactor\plugins folder. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoReactor\plugins
Plugin 32-bit 64-bit Description
QR Code Generator
(c) Mediachance
included in installation included in installation Generates QR bar code on the image
by andydansby
luminancex86 Luminance64 Extracts the Luminance from an RGB image using 17 methods
by andydansby
Sepiax86 Sepia64 Turns your image into an olde time image by placing a Sepia toning matrix to your image
by andydansby
Daltonismx86 --- Simulates Color Blindness
White Balance
by andydansby
whitebalancex86 whitebalance64 In this plugin, I demonstrate white balance with 4 standard routines, Histogram stretch, White Pixel, Grey World and Modified Grey World. I also have 4 experimental white balance routines.
Source code:


by andydansby

monotone monotone64

Any color you want Sepia.

Here's a link to the source code.

( compiled using VS2012)


by andydansby

blendplusplusx32 blendplusplusx64 This plugin contains 27 different blending modes and a strength dial.
Reactor Plug-in SDK
The goal of the SDK was to make it extremely easy to create plugins for Photo-Reactor. It is all straight forward, easily understandable from the code. Yes, we hate complicated SDK's that take days to understand. The example projects are made for MS VC6 and MS VS2008 and do not dependent on any external libraries or MFC so they can be easily used in other compilers or MS VS editions. Furthermore the Photo-Reactor itself can create the UI interface and C++ source code for the plug-in where you just fill in the blanks. PluginSDK Download Included Samples: plugin - a basic plugin that desaturate the image with a slider for strength and check box for inversion. (Similar to the Desaturate effect in Reactor) pluginbind - example how to create a binding plug-in with a simple on-the-workspace slider object that can control value of other objects (Similar to the Slider object in Reactor) pluginrect - an example of drawing semi-transparent rectangle on the image and the calculation necessary for preview cropping (Similar to the Simple Shape object in Reactor) - separate download for 2 input plugin sample Guide to Photo-Reactor SDK by Andy Dansby (more than 100 pages). Thanks to the broad range of topics it also doubles as a great introductory to graphic programming: Photo Reactor SDK (PDF) Source code companion to the SDK document:,,, Generate Source Code (Menu Tools) The Photo-Reactor can generate the necessary Source code for the plug-in UI and class which will set up the interface and settings. You will receive generated plugin.cpp file that can be simply substituted in the example projects - that's all.
Bundle with Reactor Player Photoshop Plug-in (WIN)
32-bit version here
US $68
US $89