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Dynamic image editor and effect processor with absolutely unlimited possibilities

Cool new software for creating photo montages and compositions.

UltraSNAP PRO 4 new 2017 version Plugin Bridge - for Adobe Photoshop Reactor Player - Adobe Photoshop Compatible plug-in DAP 5 new version with batch processing Digitally Signing the files and installations with digicert CryptTEA Free encryption tool New major version DPHDR 6 Photo-Reactor 1.2.3 update Dynamic Auto Painter 4.1 update Photo Blend 3D 2.3 update QuickHDR 1.0 released Photo Blend 3D 2.0 released UltraSnap PRO 3.3 released

Create modern web graphics with vectors, 2D, 3D and drawings

Enhance Dynamic Range of your images for Eye- Catching results

After all the years, still the classic for advanced DVD Authoring

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Fast portable tool to encrypt your files and folders on the go.

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A place to grab some of our discontinued / FREE tools

Digitally Signed 6

Automatically turns a photo into painting inspired by real world artists

Security and Privacy tools

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Rapid GUI development tool for Arduino and ATmega328

Largest cross- referenced database of audio and turntable belts and idle tires


When combined with Photo- Reactor this plug-in allows creating your own filters that can run inside Adobe Photoshop. Comes with 30 amazing Art and Photo filters.


A distant cousin of Auto Painter, tool that automatically paints in third party applications.

Plugin Bridge allows you to easily and safely run 32-bit Adobe plug-ins in 64-bit Adobe Photoshop. Now you can use the old KPT Collection and many more plug-ins again!


Update of our popular screen capture editor and batch processor with full range vector editing tools. Now with PDF export.

years of making graphics, multimedia, DVD and video software for Windows.
See how you can make art from your photos! (Dynamic Auto Painter PRO)

Turn your photos into work of art in the style of famous painters such as Monet, van Gogh, Benson, Corrot, Sargent….

FREE wavelet noise reduction and color matching software for digital images. (Windows only)
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