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So you want to write a novel? You might just have discovered the most comprehensive tool for plotting, writing and language/style research. How about writing in the same style and language as great novelists like Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, or H.L. Mencken? Or perhaps adopting the vocabulary of today’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, or Mystery authors you admire? How about writing fan fiction that has the same feel and rhythm as the original novel?
As you type, the Style Assistant shows you how an existing author uses the same word or phrase in their work, and provides suggestions if your language departs too much from the author’s style. It is almost like writing with your favorite Novelist watching over your shoulder.

Get Feedback with Style Assistants

Style Assistant shows you proximity words that give you hints of surrounding elements the author use in a sentence.
Style Assistant is much more than just for checking the author’s style. It is also your time-period or novel research tool. (Something fan fiction writers always wanted) If the novel takes place during Regency period, did people drink coffee? No need to fire-up your web browser. Just type the word “coffee” and Jane Austen's assistant will tell you. (Yes, they did, and they also had muffins with it, just like I was going to have this morning before the crow took it all away)
We all know how to look up synonyms online. But what you get is a list of words. It is either too few or too many, but never the ones that fit your writing style or the time period. That’s where CQuill Writer comes in. With our Novel writing software (pun intended), you can use and create THEMATIC DICTIONARIES, all cross-referenced and using your favorite author's vocabulary. For example, you can open a Thesaurus with synonyms used by Jane Austen, or a thesaurus with the language that today's Sci-fi or Fantasy authors use. Or the words our pal, Will Shakespeare hath immortally tackl’d. Or anybody else for that matter. You can have a Thesaurus of synonyms from YOUR own writings. Yes, you can Synthesize Thesaurus (PRO version) by loading ANY existing book or writing and just letting the software do its AI magic (or as William Shakespeare Style assistant suggested: conjuring). Yeah, we now synthesize, not just “create”. We use big words, because we have excessively bounteous number of them.

Stay true to the theme and time period of your novel

Plotting your next great Novel

From Plot Boards to Character cards, to Image walls, to Timelines, CQuill has tools for every type of writer: Pantser, Plotter, Plantser or whatever is your denomination.

Plot Boards

It's a simple, time-trusted plotting tool used for books, movies or TV shows. It's been around since the dawn of time, when man still lived in caves - or so we were told by 3M, the creator of those sticky notes. Here you can write a few words about each scene and then shuffle it around your novel virtual space. You can have as many plot boards as you need. Perhaps each Act or Character can have its own Plot Board. Like many other parts of CQuill, elements can be linked to other parts of the project. You can put keywords on the sticky note that links to the chapter, or character or other documents, even other Plot Boards. Dream big!

Characters and Settings Creator

Add motivation images, write characters synopsis and add keyword for traits and personality. The character cards are the perfect place to outline your protagonists.
You will find our brand new, prompt system at the center of it all. Inventing stuff from scratch is easy! Similarly, the Settings card let’s you describe places and settings.


Timelines are another great plotting tool that can easily fit the peculiar way only you think. A timeline can be just a sequence of things, like Chapters or a sequence of Beats or Scenes or it can be a real-time calendar with real dates. If you zoom in, you can plan things down to the hours for your perfect Whodunit mystery. Since your project can have many timelines, each with it’s own time-frame, you can also plan your own life around the novel. Why don’t you put dates when you need to work on the chapters or the next dentist appointment?

Spreadsheets (Ok, we call them Wordsheets but they are cool)

"What?" you say. Why do we need spreadsheets in an effin’ writing software? We don't, but listen... A spreadsheet is a pretty darn good way to organize things. Whether you're using it to keep score of baristas in your favorite cafe or to learn Japanese phrases, spreadsheets come in handy for many things that plain text can't do that well. Some people plan entire novels in spreadsheets. Don’t worry, this is not some boring number-crunching nonsense. It is text oriented, you can sort columns, add check marks or percentage bars, move things around, put some colors. You will love it.

Big Image Wall

It wouldn't be a proper plotting without a real cork-board with unflattering snapshots of your relatives, or people you found online, notes, connection strings, and preposterous ideas. The image wall is all that and more.

Smart Tags, Color Tags and Keywords

As your project grows, you will appreciate how documents can automatically link together. You may think you will always remember in which chapter your protagonist stole his first kiss (or a space-ship), but trust us, you probably won’t. So keyword tags will be your best friends. Any text file can have number of Smart Tags that can link to other documents and will keep in sync. If a tag links to chapter 22, it will always link to the correct place, even if your chapter 22 became 34 down the line. A chapter tag can send you directly to the character descriptions, related timelines, wordsheets or other chapters. But the Smart tags can also do other things. They could type text, open your custom dictionary on the selected word (did we mention that you could create custom dictionaries?) or even search the Internet if you really must live connected! Each document can also have color tags. This is great for multiple POV for example. All documents (Chapters, Notes, Timelines, Pictures) related to John’s POV could be red, all documents related to Paul could have a Yellow tag. Ringo blue... who was the fourth one? He could be green if we care. And of course, searching your manuscript is that much easier if you put tags to the chapters!
Color Tags make organizing easier Smart Tags can do smart things
What? That’s Elizabeth? Didn’t she had brown hair? Damn, some of the deep fakes are getting pretty good, and no stiff letter from Universal Studios.

Improve your writing with Spell Check, Passive voice check, Readibility control

Articles & Nouns
Normal Spell-check
“Loud” Spell-check
Check your writing with many smart writing tools. From user-defined keyword highlighting in many colors (Your characters' names, words you overuse, etc.), Part of Speech highlighting, Passive voice checking, Adverbs overuse, Readibility or Articles & Nouns highlighting. You can also have the Style Assistant mark words the author would not use, so you can really commit to a certain style. And of course, our user-customizable spell-check, with almost patentable "Loud" option so you can’t overlook the little flimsy squiggly lines.
Now you may ask, "Hey, that’s dandy, but I don’t give two schnitzels about the charmingly scrumptious word of Jane Austen. Can I have other Assistants?” And that is the best part: You can have as many Assistants as you ***** want. (Honestly there was word ‘really’ written there before it got bleeped) We prepared a few Assistants made from books in the public domain, but you can load any book or text and create your own Assistants. You can even have an Assistant made from your own writings and then see how often you are repeating yourself.
Global word count
Revision markers
Snapshots with Auto-Versioning
Any item on the timeline can link to a document in your project. Double-clicking will send you right there!
Plot and organize your novel Style Assistant gives you examples and suggestions that fit into each Author’s style. Write and edit Get suggested only the right words for each style Thematic Thesaurus gives you cross-referenced time-period and thematic vocabulary. No frivolous words outside the chosen genre or time-period. No words that the author would never use either.
You wouldn't get troublesome worrying looks from Jane Austen or William Shakespeare if you ask them modern words; rather, you'd get what they would consider to be the closest equivalent at the time.

Historical Dictionaries that finally speak your

What makes these new Thematic and Time-Period Dictionaries so unique is their AI aspect. A thematic thesaurus doesn’t just speak the historic tongue. It understands your language too and it gives you the closes equivalent using the author’s language or common time period terms.
Medieval Fantasy Thesaurus would know much more about knives and blades than a high- brow scientist. Maybe too much…

No internet? No problem.

We build CQuill Writer as if this is the only software we can take to a deserted island. In a world where more and more apps are online or require to be connected, we went the other way. Even tools like creating your own Thesaurus from a book works happily with no Internet in sight.
Updated: 09 November
And to everyone else it looks like you are actually working!
Passive voice check
Readibility check with custom threshold settings

Let the monkey write your novel

“How rejoiced was Elizabeth to part from him in good humour, said Miss Bingley, with cold meat, cake, and a variety of questions to Maria and Elizabeth, but especially to the latter, of whose connections she knew it was a circumstance which must have been great indeed.”
by Monkey Jane
If you know how to press Ctrl+W, you can let our AI Monkey finish your sentence with phrases from the Assistant’s corpus. You can even let it write an entire paragraph for you. Okay, fine, maybe the Monkey's linguistic skills are more on par with those of a one-year-old Capuchin primate, but at least you will get a good laugh out of it. Sometimes, (or if you are under the influence), you may even get inspired. We now have a whole Wordsheet of literary pearls such as “Her eldest daughter was particularly anxious to conceal from him your mother.” or “I will take care to get good partners for them to play their aunt.”
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Designed specifically to help you write in a certain style, CQuill could be the most interesting and innovative writing software you've ever used.
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